Top Digital Skills For Every Graduate

Learn one or more of the graduate digital skills to have leverage among other peers in the labour market.

Unlike earlier days owning a degree certificate is the primary prerequisite for landing a good job. In recent times, employers sort for individuals with specific skills that fit their company. Academic excellence is also essential, but you should have one or more of the below student digital skills to land that dream job soon. 

During undergraduate days, you can register for online digital classes as some institution provides these skill classes as part of their curriculum. Research proves the Information Technology(IT) industry generated $7850 billion in 2020 and should reach $11866 billion before the end of 2025.

The above information implies that the world is moving to a completely computerized atmosphere as digital skills will hold an immense role in daily life. Below is a brief on essential graduate digital skills to excel in your career;

Programming and web development

As a student, don’t say my field of study is not related to I.T, so I won’t learn programming or web development. However, the heart of most digital services requires coding and languages such as Bootstrap, Angular, JavaScript, jQuery, and MySQL. Interestingly, they are the top-demand skills by employers on LinkedIn.

Note that this learning alone is not enough until you partake in numerous projects that help to sharpen your knowledge and convince the employer that you are the right candidate for the role.

A study confirms that coding is a vital skill for next-generation technologies that involve AR and VR technologies.  You can sign up for a Udemy class today to learn the basics of coding.

Search Engine Marketing(SEM)

Business owners keep sorting for candidates to push their brand to the right audience. Information is spread across several locations within the shortest duration with technological gadgets.

A graduate that wants to stand out among other peers should learn Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to convince the hirer that you can suit their company style and help generate more revenue.

More than 75% of internet users sort digital platforms in need of products or services; with these statistics, SEM is essential in providing the correct client’s exemplary product/service.

When you have SEM experience, it is easier to improve a website’s visibility on the search engine, which automatically drives traffic and customers to the brand. In addition, knowledgeable content managers and web admins understand that the conversion rate increases with the proper keyword optimization as the company gets more attention than its competitors.

Web design

Some client based their decision on dealing with a company based on their website design. By learning this top digital skill, you leverage better opportunities and achieve tremendous success on the career ladder. Web design is not as complex as the above skills. Within a month, you can learn the basic knowledge and develop yourself with more practice.

There is numerous free ebook you can read that provide information on logo design, typography, etc. In addition, learning graphic design enables you to imagine and create images better.

Project Management

If you don’t know what project management is about, it involves developing digital images & services that will attract clients. Instead of spending a considerable amount on the physical advertisement and providing sight on the product/service the company offers, the project manager uses digital skills to design the product and short information of the intended good.

Companies have target goals; the project manager has to utilize time, scope, and budget to attain the defined objective. To promote the company’s interest, the manager shapes the project to comply with the client’s needs.

Data Analytics

Companies began to appreciate the importance of data information during and after the lockdown. Research by Mckinsey confirms that a good company will experience increased demand if they track client data and use it to project the market direction. In addition, data analysis provides a wealth of information that enables a company’s marketing campaign.

Content writing

Every website needs a prolific individual that can provide quality content to reach the targeted audience. Ecommerce store, business website, or a personal blog, you should know that competitors might have leverage over your platform on the web without quality content. A graduate that understands this basic information will use it to his advantage.



You should know that employers have dozens of candidates who claim to be the proper fit fot their job applications. So, to sort for the best, the HR Manager uses candidates’ academic excellence and digital skills that match their preference.

If you have suggestions/inquiries about top graduate digital skills, kindly drop a comment below, and you will get a reply swiftly.

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