5 Security Gadgets For Protecting Student

With the surge in insecurity cases worldwide, it is vital to ensure safety measures that will help protect students from any nefarious acts. In addition, the advancement in science and technology makes it easier to implement technological gadgets with a high-security system that keeps teachers & learners safe.

Although some might be pretty expensive, you need to consider some essential tips before making the purchase decision. The recommendations include unique school needs, using each security device at once, involving the learner’s family in the security plan, and hiring security professionals.

These security devices ensure protection for young learners within and outside school premises. Some of the gadgets include;

Entry metal detector

Interestingly, an entry metal detector is like a silent announcer notifying the school authorities if there are any irregularities. For example, if an individual comes into the school premises with a pistol or other dangerous metallic object, the device silently alerts the school’s security control room. The latest version has a video surveillance system, emergency communication with security forces, an isolation system, and automatic premises lockdown.

In addition, this device is effective on school premises because some learning facilities have strict policies against bringing metallic objects like phones, laptops, knives, etc. When a student acts against the school law, an alarm ensures prompt notifications, and the rest is human intervention.

Social net watcher

Furthermore, providing students security does not only entail physical devices as social net watchers are computer programs that keep a tab on every activity the students perform on the internet. Interestingly, it keeps you anonymous.

Administrators in a school in Indiana launch computer software that helps to monitor the kind of words their pupils post on social platforms like Facebook and take proactive measures when a student uses any wrong word.

The software automatically alerts school authorities in cases of cyberbullying or the use of inappropriate words as more educational institutes for young learners are beginning to adopt this principle to protect their students.

Training lab simulators

There are numerous cases of accidents in the school laboratory. To reduce the instances of this occurrence, acquiring a training lab simulator is a practical approach. This gadget puts young learners through identifying essential items in the laboratory, the proper way to dress, security measures in the lab, and how to handle things during an experiment.

This technique saves the instructors time on introduction to essential laboratory tools and conduct in laboratories. In addition, as a parent/guardian, you can encourage your child’s school to get one soon as it is an effective tool that facilitates learning.

Digital map

Students might go on field trips, visit friends, or go on outings and miss their way. With a digital map at their fingertips, there is no need for anxiety as they can easily navigate their practices in a difficult situation. In addition, ensure the emergency map is well explanatory, i.e., they won’t have to struggle to understand the road design.

School surveillance camera

More than 80% of elementary schools in the US have surveillance cameras. Ensure the monitoring devices are within the school premises and in the vicinity like hallways, entrance, gym, etc. If there is any irregularity, ensure an alert button immediately notifies security agencies as the latest surveillance cameras have this feature.



Although numerous technological tools can keep students safe, you can be sure of your loved young learner’s well-being within and outside school premises with the above-listed idea. Appropriate safety measures are a vital aspect of effective learning. Therefore, ensure your child’s learning facility has strict measures in place.

If you have any suggestions/inquiries about five security gadgets for protecting students, please drop a comment below.

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