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Educram is an online community that provides updates or information relating to educating either adults or youngsters worldwide. This platform talks about technology, instruction material, and how healthy parenting &peers impact kids’ school performance. We serve as an avenue to make the world see the beauty in education and making society a better place to dwell.

Educram is an interactive platform where internet surfers can also suggest preferred topics they would like to read or the latest trend in the education sector. The principal purpose of this site is to provide an update that has to do with education directly or indirectly.

Furthermore, the statistics of out-of-school children in Africa and other parts of the world are high; encouraging literacy reduces criminality and promotes productivity in the community.
The sites will also serve as an avenue where people can express their opinion about a post, but one has to be a registered user. Note that any comment that contains racism, tribalism, or unsolicited insult could lead to the suspension or deletion of such user account, as Educram stands against tribalism, racism, or societal segregation.

In case of any question, inquiry, suggestion, or update, simply reach out to the admin. If you have questions or topics you want us to write, kindly send them the provided contact form using this link. We will treat them promptly and accordingly.


The mission of this site is as follows:-
1. To provide an online community for people to share opinions relating to education.
2. Educate people on the importance of going to school and using technological gadgets to improve society.
3. Provide the latest update on trends happening in the education sector.

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