Book Review: 99 Personal Money Management Principles For Students – Cary Siegel

The book review is a simple summary on why people prefer the content and other comment on why others don't find it attractive. You can place your order today and get either the soft or hard copy.

According to reputable companies like Forbes, eBay, Elite Daily, Bustle, etc., this book is a practical gift for High school or college students. Currently, it is among the 5-star selling books in the country. People go to school to learn about English, Mathematics, Science, Sociology, etc. but have little knowledge about financial management.

Why Didn’t They Teach Me This in School? 99 Personal Money Management Lessons To Live By enlightened the author’s children about adulthood and basic money management skills. Cary Siegel discovered that most educational institutions don’t teach their students to survive outside the school walls. Hence, he decided to write this material for high school, college, or MBA graduates.

You can get a copy of this book during summer break or vacation and go through it as it teaches eight(8) essential principles to manage finance as a learner. If you want to understand how the financial market works and how you can use this knowledge to stand out while in school, consider ordering your copy today.

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  • The book is affordable as some online stores sell for as low as $10.75
  • Available in both soft and hard copy.
  • It is an effective educational material for high school, college, and MBA students or graduates.
  • It teaches basic principles about money management.
  • The book is presentable with an excellent outer cover.
  • The book talks about the author’s financial life and how he provided appropriate solutions.
  • The book is available in Spanish and English language.


  • A client said not all the book’s principles might not solve some life financial challenges.
  • You can get the book summary after going through the table of content which makes buying the book unnecessary.
  • It is like father-to-son advice, which is only based on personal experiences.
  • Some readers said the book is not well detailed as expected.


The Author(Cart Siegel)

Carl Siegel is the author of Por Qu No Me Ense aron Esto En, a workbook of why didn’t they teach me this in school? Among others. After completing his MBA at the University of Chicago, he worked with Kraft and began his brand management career, then served as a marketing and sales leader in several companies. Over the years, he was the guest speaker at more than forty-five sales and marketing outings with several awards to his prestige.

Cary has retired but has written five teenage books, which are adequate for an adult who wants to learn about finances. Most of his content is on his personal experiences and how to tackle if you find yourself in a similar scenario.

Cary also offers training for personal money management as participants of the exercise must be ready to; review their financial budget, create a spending budget, track their daily, monthly, and annual spending, etc.

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The book is a real-life experience content that teaches about finance principles. Consider placing a demand for this material for high school students or college students struggling to manage money to achieve their goals. It helps you get serious about life finances, credit card life, buying your first car, house, and tips to protect yourself against fraud.

There are 99 financial tips in this material, so you should be able to finish reading within a week or two as a fast reader. However, if you want to grow your finances, consider outlining and practicing some of the recommended tips.

Information in this book is not something you will be taught in school, as Siegel makes most outlines from his personal experience. If you are planning on getting your first job soon or are new to accumulating wealth, order a copy today.



Note that most information from the book is from the author’s perspective, not a general survey, so the writer is not responsible if the tips do not work in your opinion. It has served as gift presents from students and graduates across numerous locations, making it one of the best financial and educational materials you should read soon.

Irrespective of your financial background or goal, you will find this content handy after purchase. Furthermore, as a business school student, you need materials like this book for personal money management as it has proven effective for others within your field. After understanding the principles of this material, you will be able to make better financial decisions and enjoy a better prosperous life.


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