Book Review of “Procrastination Solutions For College Students” by Dennis Stemmle.

Many students struggle with procrastination which is one of the reasons they fail to accomplish their goal in time or perform woefully in the class. More than 90% of college students reschedule essential activities, while 70% consider themselves perpetual procrastinators. This result is not encouraging for any society that wants proper development, so if you have any learner in your vicinity that inculcates the habit of shifting duties, simply recommend reading this book by Dennis Stemmle. In addition, the material is not only suitable for students in tertiary institutes as it has proven effective for adults in several instances.

It contains basic knowledge of taking charge of one’s life, accepting responsibility, and doing the right thing at the right time. Although college students face numerous challenges from peers, school, family, etc., the book enlightens them on handling situations, scheduling their time, and achieving their goals without much stress. In other words, you will discover exciting insights from the book about essential habits successful students use to perform excellently in their personal life, studies, and work.

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  • It serves as a great tool that helps college students succeed.
  • The material contains chronic advice procrastinators can use to change positively.
  • It is a must-read for everybody, not only college students.
  • Most of the information provided is practical and helps reduce frustration.
  • It is an excellent guide for new college students that want to succeed.


  • The book is quite expensive
  • It is not available on all physical bookstore-only online, so you might have to order, which may require extra dispatch charges.

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The Author (Dennis Stemmle)

Aside from writing procrastination solutions for college students, Dennis is the author of other books like; power setbacks, the management secrets for college students, and Insider’s guide to college success. Dennis Stemmle is a lecturer at Coastal Carolina University, where he teaches at Management and Decision Sciences Department. Furthermore, he is a college success expert and author of one of the best-selling books in the country.

He has multiple awards as his book”time Management Secrets For College Students” ranks among 50 college books in history. In addition, “procrastination Solution For College Students,” which he released in December 2020, ranks among books every college student should read to achieve their goal.

You can follow Dennis on his official page to get the latest update, news, and recommendations. Most of his book does not have an age restriction and is easy to assimilate as long as you read. Similarly, you can check YouTube for some of his tips that helped other students attain their desired goal in no time.



If you think overcoming procrastination is impossible, then you need to read this book. A simple glance at this material is enough to make it your daily bible as it helps increase an individual’s productivity. 

Many people who struggle with postponing vital tasks don’t see it as a setback to achieving a goal. However, the tips provided in this valuable material serve as a guide on designing personal, work, and college schedules without one interfering with the other.

Learning the basics of desires and wants helps students identify their capabilities and manage tasks in a hectic day. In addition, the lessons provided help the reader to focus their mind on managing extreme situations without feeling stressed. 

A reader Kevin Larco from East Carolina University, expressed that as a student-athlete in a military school, he struggles with lots of assignments. Still, after reading procrastination solution by Dennis Stemmle, he improved in time management and hoped to graduate with a reasonable degree.

Another student at Sacred Heart University, Kaci Ricciuti, said studying nursing requires a lot of commitment and hard work as she struggles to keep up good grades. Still, this book helped her to solve her challenges and achieve her career goal.

For every learner and adult out there who wants to develop a winning habit, start reading “procrastination Solutions For College Students “ and notice the drastic positive change in your life and career.



Whether as a fresh year student or graduate who would like to change their mindset to positive, consider reading this 212 pages book. You might be a chronic procrastinator, and you ignore it. This book helps you to introspect, set targets, and build self-esteem, which is all in one piece. Similarly, it is an excellent gift for your loved ones this festive season.

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