Qatar Disappointed On Taliban Girls Education Move.

In a joint press release by top officials of the EU and the Qatar government, Sheikh Mohammed has appealed to the current Taliban government to help maintain years of hard work by the US government and promote girl’s education.

From the content released, the move on female education in Afghanistan is disheartening and very disappointing. “If this continues, it will bring backwardness to the region. They can look towards Doha on how to run the Islamic system of education,” a Qatar top diplomat said.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, the Foreign Minister of Qatar, expressed shock by the Taliban leadership for not allowing young female school students to resume their classes weeks after gaining power.

The news conference occurred in the presence of EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell in Qatar’s capital city. He said, “The recent actions in Afghanistan will bring underdevelopment and take the country back if it persists.”

During the withdrawal of US forces last month, Doha played a significant role in evacuating thousands of foreigners from the new Taliban leadership. Although the evacuation process stopped after a hostile attack, the Qatari government calls for democratic rule in the province.

Sheikh Mohammed expressed that “It is important to keep engaging the Taliban’s on the benefit of women education to the society and how other Muslim countries handle their affairs. Each country has its law and order as women hold a vital role in the development of the society”.

“The state of Qatar is an example of a Muslim country that allows women education and operates an Islamic system. Interestingly, there are more females in the workforce, civil service, and higher education than men,” he added.

Various organizations have accused the Taliban of violating human rights since they took overpower. There are reports of the hanging of the bodies of four alleged kidnappers in the city of Herat a few days ago. The display of the deceased individual was after the new government affirmed that they would ensure strict Islamic rules in the territory.

Witness reports indicate that there is segregation of women and men activities in daily businesses as the learning environment has demarcation to prevent opposite sex from mingling.

For more than two weeks, secondary school females are denied entrance to school premises to continue their skills and learning program. However, different rallies led by women across strategies have started in recent days.

Sheikh Mohammed appealed to the Taliban to seek peace and economic growth while preserving the gains made in the last two decades to create a bilateral relationship in the international community.

Borrel said, “we cannot give up hope on allowing women’s education as negotiations have begun with respected bodies,” as he expects an agreement soon.

Hopefully, with the massive advantage of technology in learning, the new Afghanistan government might allow distance-learning or physical classes for the female gender.

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