Scholarship Opportunities For Under 25 years Students

Every under 25 years old student can enlist on any of the programs below and learn within one of the best educational facilities worldwide.

Are you 25 years old or below in need of a full scholarship opportunity abroad? Do you need the perfect avenue to study in a better learning facility without emptying your bank account? The information in this content contains insight on education privileges international students below the age of 26 benefits.

Note that most of these opportunities differ based on each learning institution’s principle. Hence, it is best to do your research if the school offers your desired course, and there are probably terms and conditions you might not support.

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Numerous students from developing parts of the world like the Middle East, Africa, Latin America enlist on this flexible opportunity as learners can work and learn if it won’t affect their studies. Standard scholarship opportunities 25 years and below learners can enroll for include;

VLIR-UOS Training and Masters Scholarships

If you are a citizen of any underdeveloped country and in need of opportunities abroad to further your education. Hence, don’t miss out on this privilege offered in Belgium. Studies show that the percentage of international students moving to this country has surged within the last decade, implying you have the right to a better learning facility with more career opportunities.

One of this scholarship’s advantages is that learners can select their preference from the range of tertiary educational institutes available. Some of the universities under this program include; University of Antwerp, Hasselt University, Ghent University College, LUCA School of Arts, Oddisee University College, etc. The availability of more institutes makes it easier for students to select from their desired program.

The purpose of this scholarship is to support innovative responses to global or local challenges and ensure cooperative projects between researchers, students, and lecturers across different fields. Note that funding for opportunities is from government, business associates, and NGOs.

Royal Holloway’s Access Entry Students Bursary

To benefit from this program, you have to be more than 20 years old. It is a full-time undergraduate opportunity as an applicant should have a household income of about $34,000. Although the selection process is relatively rigid, If they pick you for this undergraduate program, you will learn in one of the best tertiary institutions in the UK and receive other miscellaneous benefits while you concentrate on your studies.

Students from this program receive more than a thousand dollars as there is no specific prerequisite for application. As long as the Student Loans Company can verify that your household income is up to the yearly expected outcome, you automatically qualify for the program. However, you might need to permit SLC to share your income details.

Note that students who repeat sessions will not receive support for the extra year as there is no bursary for those who spend optional or compulsory sessions abroad. However, Msci applicants can apply for the program as you can hold it with other college awards.

With this program, students have opportunities to sit or discuss with experts in different industries, work as a team, and develop strategic solutions to community needs. In addition, they use unique practices to ensure new processes, services, or products.

Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange

This scholarship program is a combined initiative of the Polish Foreign Ministry and Nation Agency for Academic Exchange to assist in development aid. The purpose of this program is to ensure young adults from developing countries have the privilege to study in Poland and contribute to the advancement of their parent country.

Aside from the school knowledge, there is socio-economic progress as some of the offered aspects include life sciences, technical sciences, agricultural science, etc. In addition, citizens from Ethiopia, Nigeria, Iran, Kenya, India, Belarus, and Mexico can apply. You can check the scholarship page if your country is eligible for the program.

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IMD MBA Scholarships

Are you a female in need of educational opportunities abroad? Do you have excellent academic merit, among others? If your answer is favorable to the questions above, you should try applying for this program offered by the Switzerland government.

Note that most enlisted applicants are from developing countries with a passion for studying business-related courses. Similarly, the only candidate that expresses excellence and has a passion for achieving goals and growth diversity joined the IMD MBA program.

The scholarship opportunity is open within February, May, July, and September so that you can apply within any of these months.



Numerous organizations offer educational privileges to those under 25 years. However, ensure to do appropriate research on the program type you plan to sign up for to make the best decision that suits your career path.

If you have any questions or recommendations about available scholarship privileges for under 25 years, kindly drop a comment below, and you will receive feedback swiftly.

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