Scholarship Opportunities For Young Learners

The following kid's scholarships are for learners in elementary and high school. Ensure to enroll for the one that suits your preference.

Students below 18 years don’t have to wait before benefiting from the following kid’s scholarship opportunities. Even learners in kindergarten can take advantage of this privilege without saving much for college.

Similarly, the young learner’s scholarship doesn’t have many competitions, unlike higher classes that require top grades. If you have a young child, the best way to secure their future is to take advantage of the scholarship opportunities in this write-up.

Note that the privilege is not only for US residents as it depends on the program policy. Standard scholarship opportunities for young learners include;


It is a Google-hosted periodic competition for kids across different countries. The program started in the late 1900s as celebrated events include spring beginning, DNA understanding, and laser invention.

In 1998, the popular Google “doodle” was by Lawrence E. Page and Sergey Brin to assist the system in case it fails during the Burning Man Festival which they attended.

Students from twelfth grade and below should submit their doodle, and the winner gets displaced on the Google homepage with a cash prize of $30,000 for preferred college sponsorship. Other winner prizes include; a Chromebook, digital tablet, Wacom, and technology grant $100,000 for school.

Previously, the first position prize was college sponsorship($30,000), a technology grant worth $50,000, a trip to Google’s headquarters, and some tech hardware. Common regions eligible for the competition include; Alaska, Maine, Virginia, Utah, Washington, Arizona, Ohio, Delaware, Oregon, Texas, etc.

Other countries outside the US that participate in the competition include; UAE, India, Japan, Honduras, America, Columbia, Brazil, Yemen, Argentina, among others. Parent/teacher can help students mail their doodle with the entry form after completion in .jpg or .png format. 

They can create with preferred material during design. For entry, download the form as the artist should provide insight into their drawing. An adult can fill other aspects in the young one’s stead. Judging is by artistic skill, creativity, communication theme. 

In addition, candidates’ classification is on their grade class as a finalist is in the state and national levels. 

Action for Nature Eco-Hero Award

Non-profit US-based organization Action For Nature(AFN) helps reward young ones as they take steps to solve global environmental problems. Candidates for the scholarship are between 8-16 years worldwide, and they contribute significantly to creative ecological projects. The prize includes; certification, public recognition, and cash prize.

Ensure to check the application guidelines to know eligibility. If you know any young students that might fit for the program, swiftly advise them to enroll as it would build their portfolio. 

Questions young learners should answer before filling out the form include; 

  • Is there interest/experience in preserving the world? 
  • How to teach others to keep the environment protected? 
  • Do I do environmental research projects?

If the reply to the above questions is positive, then apply for this scholarship and be a role model to others. An expert panel across fields like biology, education, environmental science, etc., judge applicant based on their experience and interest. The principal purpose of the program is to encourage young learners to nurture and protect the environment while they achieve their personal goals.

Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

The program aims to improve science literacy, research, and expansion. The primary sponsor, a non-profit organization, understands the vital role of scientific advancement in human existence, so they educate and inspire young learners to achieve desired objectives.

Since 1921, the science service use educational content to improve student insight, leading to innovation. This world-class science program has produced generational talents across different science professions for more than a century.

Ayn Rand Institute Essay Contests

Do you know any kid in 12th grade that has a knack for writing? If your answer is positive, it is best to encourage signing up for this essay contest. Aside from the prestigious international recognition, it broadens the learner’s mind and has a positive perspective of competing with other brilliant students.

It is an annual contest with a first price take-home of $10,000 as there is zero registration fee. However, the screening process might be rigid as numerous student worldwide applies once you do not scale through to the next stage, apply the next year.

Essays are in English only with a maximum of 1,600 words in length. In addition, interested candidates must essay on any listed Atlas Shrugged prompts on the website. The judges will look at word articulation and content organization when arguing for or against a view.


Other prestigious kids scholarship opportunities for young learners include; Angela Award, Do Something Scholarships, and Davidson Fellows Scholarships. Note that most of these programs are available for international students as you can register interest through their website.

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