Top 5 Cheapest Institution For Degree Programs

You can gain admission among the top cheap tertiary institutions worldwide with excellent results and a good behavioral record.

Currently, there are more than a thousand cheap tertiary institutions across the globe for degree and master’s programs. Note that despite these schools being affordable, it does not diminish their ranking among the best.

Are you in need of a degree program at a cheap university with some of the best lecturers? Have you completed your first degree and are looking for a prominent Master’s program school with a fast session?

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This write-up provides information on some of the best and cheap tertiary institutions worldwide. The selected list is according to ex-students’ reviews as you don’t have to worry about relocation expenses. Some of the top cheapest institutions for degree programs include;

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (South Africa)

Some might say that Nelson Mandela University is in Africa, does it make the cheapest universities list? The answer is Yes. The truth is, most Africans might not cherish what is at hand.

Statistics show about 5 percent of students in this school are foreigners. Despite ensuring affordable and accessible learning for everyone, the institution engages in student exchange programs.

Established in 1882, the school has seven(7) campuses that provide vocational and professional training. Some of their faculties include; Arts, Health Sciences, Engineering, Education, Business & Economic Sciences et al.

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The registration fee for every freshman is R1420 as the tuition fees differ according to respective faculties. Currently, the engineering faculty fee is between $2326- $3272, Law is $2098- $2359 and Arts is $2237- $2364.

University Putra Malaysia (Malaysia)

Currently, the University of Putra Malaysia ranks among the leading institutions in the country. Established in 1931, a Quacquarelli Symonds 2020 report ranked the school among the top 200 universities worldwide. Also, recognized as the 34th Asian best degree cheap university.

Located in Serdang, Selangor. The tuition fee per semester is 1990 EUR with a preceding reputation of providing a suitable environment for foreign students. Also, unlike other higher institutes, it is a non-profit public facility built to offer pre-degree, degree, and post-graduate programs for intended applicants.

Common facilities within the campus include; sports facilities, housing, a library that offers financial aid, an exchange program, and distance learning classes. Since its establishment in  1931, it was known as the University of Agriculture (Universiti Pertanian Malaysia) but is today recognized as a comprehensive multidisciplinary institution that produces top graduates excelling across the globe.

With 16 faculties, UPM offers  53 degrees and 250 postgraduate (Masters & Ph.D.) programs through specific centers. Some notable recognitions include; Research University Excellence in Education by ASEAN Awards(2007), 4th rank Asian tertiary institution by MIS Magazine (2007), and Among the top prominent global universities by Times Higher education Supplement (2006) among others.


Arkansas State University 

With $5,400, you can gain admission into Arkansas State University. It is cheap right? Yes, numerous students take advantage of this privilege as statistics show their acceptance rate is more than 60%.

Although it ranks as the second-largest in the state, the institution continues to provide world-class research facilities and student-friendly instructions. Learners have the benefit of selecting any of their 150-degree study areas with options of online programs for distance students.

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Arkansas State University funding comes through a public-private partnership, they have a history of being the first osteopathic medical school, partnering with ASUCQ to create a Mexican-American style university, and working with different Embassy Suites.

The application fee is between $30-$50 as the Master’s program completion takes a maximum of six months depending on the study course. The admission process is not rigorous as student contribution outside academics is a huge advantage.

Scuola Normale Superiore

I know some were expecting XYZ University. Well, this institution is Italian so you don’t have to twist your tongue pronouncing the name. However, you can research more about the school depending on preference.

Located in Pisa, Italy, it ranks as one of the cheapest and best colleges in the country and continent. Their major program includes; political science, humanities, and sciences with each having specializations in different focuses. 

According to most international ex-students of the institute, freshers don’t have to worry about tuition fees as the school also covers feeding and housing expenses. All it requires is to give in your best effort to gain admission.

Currently ranks 27th worldwide and their acceptance rate is 5% which means they only accept the best of the best students. Also, the school funding is through public-private partnerships.

Free University of Berlin

Just like the “FREE” in the name of the institution, there is no tuition cost. Although students are responsible for their individual feeding and rent. The living cost in Berlin is about $800 as the society is friendly to international students.

You can choose from the tons of available courses as the school ranks 83th in world university rankings. If you want a cheap university with a blend of social life and study, choose the Free University of Berlin.

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Although there are numerous affordable cheap tertiary institutions for degree and master’s programs, the above listed are by ex-students review. Before choosing a school as an international student, research the institute, community, and other necessary information in order to enjoy your learning experience.

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