Top 5 Scholarship Opportunities In Asia Continent.

A booming economy, developed infrastructure, and good education reform make the Asia continent have one of the best education systems for indigene and international students. In addition, some of these prestigious institutions offer full or partial scholarships for their students to get a sense of their culture while learning.

These opportunities are available across countries like China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, and other prominent regions. For more information about the programs, you can contact the schools through their official channel.

Students from developing countries and other parts of the world can benefit from this immense privilege and probably get work opportunities depending on academic and social performance. Standard scholarship opening you can register for as an international student in Asia include;

CAS-TWAS President’s Ph.D. Fellowship Program

The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) is a sustainable program that focuses on research, diplomacy, education, and policy. Founded in 1983 by a group of scientists that believes in science and engineering advancement in developing countries and how to use fundamental knowledge to address poverty, starvation, disease, and other challenges the world is experiencing.

The name changed in 2004 and 2012 before the current “TWAS.” Today they have more than 1,200 members, with the majority of representatives from different locations worldwide. If you want to pursue a doctoral degree or postdoctoral research in China, TWAS provides more than $1 million to facilitate students’ purposes. Application is open between December to March, and the applicant must own at least a Master’s degree.

Some organizations that support this program include; Lenovo Group Ltd, Africa Union, Academia Sinica(Taiwan), National Academy of Sciences(US), Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), among others.

Chinese Government Scholarship

If you are a resident of any EU country and looking for possible entry into China for the education program, register for a Chinese Government Scholarship. The program is usually open for international students between September to February the following year.

You fill the application online or mail post to the EU office in Brussels, Belgium. Basic requirements include; be a citizen of another country apart from China, a secondary certificate for the undergraduate program, a bachelor’s degree for a master’s program and not more than 35 years, resident English or Chinese speaking country, a recommendation letter, etc.

HKSAR Government Scholarships Fund

For locals and non-indigenes that want to gain access to one of the best institutions in Hong Kong, register for the HKSAR government scholarship program. The program established in 2008 targets to accommodate only exceptional students for their undergraduate and postgraduate education. 

This exercise is a perfect avenue to intern, seek work placement, field trips, etc., at international communities and connect with other bright minds. However, it is a full-time program as the Award is only on merit. 

In addition, you can check their official website for more details as the minimum CGPA for postgraduate research learners is 3.0 with a stamped recommendation letter from their supervisor. The Reaching Out Award(ROA) given to students is worth about HK$10,000.

ADB-Japan Scholarship Program

The Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship Program (ADB-JSP) is open to only Asian or pacific countries citizens. Some of the courses offered include science, economics, management, and other development-related fields, as you can also learn basic digital skills. After completing this study, scholars are to contribute their knowledge to the development of their home countries.

This opportunity is open to about 300 students as other benefits include zero travel expenses, educational allowance, medical insurance, housing allowance, among others. However, the program is only for those interested in postgraduate programs like Masters or PhDs, as applicants agree to return to their home country after the stipulated duration.

Singapore International Graduate Award(SINGA)

Registration is open between February to August yearly. This program is an award given to international students that perform excellently in their studies. You must have an outstanding undergraduate result before this Masters or doctorate program. 

About 240 individuals receive awards each year, and it is a four-year program with financial support for tuition, travel allowance, settlement allowance, stipend, etc. Residents of English-speaking countries can apply with proven communication skills, research experience, and good recommendations.


There are numerous higher institutions. In addition, Asian institutions offer scholarships to students from Africa and other parts of the globe based on merit.  Note that each program has its different requirements, so you need to go through the details of every program before starting registration.

If you have any suggestions/Inquiries about the top 5 scholarship opportunities in Asia, kindly drop a comment below.


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