Top Volunteer Programs For Students During Holiday

Looking for a voluntary program to join during the holiday might be challenging so that you can check out International Volunteer HQ; they are among the top-rated providers of volunteer programs abroad for learners seeking travel opportunities. You want to spend your break within your locality or outside the country. You can keep yourself engaged with the options available in Europe, Africa, North America, etc., and have more knowledge about the world and ecosystem.

Whatever program you plan to choose, ensure it is something you find appealing so as not to wreck your holiday. As a student, most of your friends might be partying or uploading new videos on social media, but you decide to choose the adventurous way to ensure it is worth the commitment.

Below is a highlight of the abroad volunteer program that students or graduates can check out coming holiday period;

Student Exchange Programs

Going for volunteer programs abroad might require some expense, but, understandably, most high school students are not working. Because of this reason, they can register for student exchange programs because it encourages cross-cultural understanding.

The volunteer program duration is between a week to a year, depending on all parties involved. Instead of remaining idle during the summer break, you can learn about people’s cultures abroad by signing up for a student exchange program.

Similarly, your school can also have the same program to give others from another country, understandably, the lovely experience you enjoy in your home country. Although basic expenses like travel fare and feeding are by the student, the program fee varies. In addition, you can go in a group as a learner to subsidize the expenses while you have fun and gain more knowledge.

Thailand -Gibbon Primate Sanctuary

If you like the idea of conservation of wildlife, then you need to visit Sing Buri Province. Volunteers of this program provide aid to injured or abused gibbons and provide a haven for them. Unfortunately, most gibbons have a low chance of survival when left in the wild.

The site for the program is in north Bangkok, close to the border of Burma, which is home to the Chinese, Thai, and Burmese. To make the program a success, you have to gain the trust of the gibbons then socialize with them, so they understand human interaction. In addition, participants ensure they stay in a clean area, bathe, and prepare their meals. In some instances, student participants provide medical procedures for the gibbons.

Live With & Teach English in France

For this program, volunteers commit 15 hours of their time in exchange for free board and room. Participants spend 15 hours of their daily life with a family living in south France and learn about their language and culture. This program is an opportunity to learn French as learning another language can serve as an advantage in the future.

Your primary duty during the program is to help with basic chores and teach the kids English. The interesting fact about this service is, it does not have to be formal; it’s like exchanging knowledge and having fun. 

The intended family provides the feeding and accommodation. Most of the time, you share facilities with them as the family selection process is by professionals who consider many factors before posting a student to dwell with them.

To be eligible for this program, you must speak English fluently, complete high school(or about to complete), be open-minded, respectful, have some knowledge of French, and have previous teaching experience.

GVI: Volunteering for Teens

The GVI volunteer program is for individuals edges 15-17 years to have real-life experience in marine & wildlife conservation, cultural immersion, and community development. These opportunities enable learners to understand better society and how to provide solutions to environmental and social issues.

Similarly, the program is also a gateway for employment opportunities and future studies as you can acquire soft and hard skills that make your resume stand out. Have you ever wondered what it is like to dive into the ocean, explore the jungle, etc.? You will have this opportunity with GVI.  In addition, it helps to connect people and make them share beliefs, knowledge, and passion.

Volunteer with CHI’s World Explorers

Brazil is an exciting place to visit this holiday as you will enjoy their yummy delicacies, samba, and friendly culture. This program ensures volunteers stay with a local host in exchange for you teaching them your native language. Interestingly, you don’t need any professional certificate to sign up for this opportunity. CHI explorers work with reputable international partners to find the best host for students and ensure that the vicinity is conducive, within, and flexible.



The only complaint about volunteer programs for students is some require fundraising, so it is advisable to have enough finance if you plan to signup for one soon. However, the experience and fun from these programs are not something you will want to miss.

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